Together We Achieve More than Individual Efforts Alone

Positive change is possible when we work together to protect, restore and enhance the Lake Huron ecosystem and its watershed. That’s the goal of the Lake Huron-Georgian Bay Watershed Canadian Initiative for Community Action, to promote approaches that connect, inform, support and empower community-based environmental action.

Through a network of individuals, communities, businesses, non-government and government organizations, we are connecting in powerful ways.

Share your Success Story

You do great work for Lake Huron and we want to share it with community and government alike. Tell us and the Lake Huron community what great activities your group has been working on to support the Great Lakes.

Latest News from the Georgian Bay Watershed

  • Provinces and territories agree to protect more land and water, McKenna says
    Good news for Biodiversity as the Provinces and Territories working with the federal government commit to increase land protection through a variety of measures.  stay tuned to this story as the roll out of this new program comes forward.  Here is the press release Provinces and territories agree to protect more land and water, McKenna … Continued
  • Lake Huron Action and Management Plan Released
    Lake Huron’s bi-national committee has released the  Lakewide Action and Management Plan for Lake Huron – thanks ECCC and USEPA for good hard work including working with and considering input from First Nations and 20 Government agencies as well as soliciting and responding to public comment.  Looking forward to next steps and actions!  Click on … Continued
  • Lake Huron Summit Summary
    Here is the link to the Lake Huron Summit Summary from October 2017. Hello Lake Huron-Georgian Bay Initiative Community Thank you to all who were able to attend our Lake Huron-Georgian Bay Summit October 25th and 26th in Collingwood, we felt it was a huge success and based on responses from the participants most felt the same … Continued